Plant and Equipment

Over the years, Tasman Power has acquired the necessary mobile plant and equipment to assist their successful operation on the work front. We have the resources to mobilize efficiently and safely between mine sites.

Tasman Power has an extensive fleet that include the following:

Drill Rig

The newist edition to the Tasman Power Fleet is our 2012 Manportable Drill Rig. The Drill Rig is complete with easy site mobilitsation and set up, meets all site specifications and is operated  with trained personal.The drill rig comes with a 400CFM Mobile air compressor.We specialise in drilling holes for earth rod installations. Hole diameters of 90mm or greater can be drilled to depths as required, all whilst maintaning priority to Health, Safety and the Environment.


All our Ute’s and trucks have been modified to meet required mine specifications. We have improved each vehicles safety standards and have added extra safety features including: roll over protection, beacons, elevated tail lights, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, high visibility colours, high visibility flags, ID signage, reflective yellow tape, reversing alarms, motor isolator and more. We take pride in caring for all our vehicles. They are regularly serviced, cleaned and pre-started to ensure their best possible condition.

Commuter Vans

Due to the commuting of large groups of workers at a time, Tasman Power has a fully mine spec van. This allows us to transport groups of workers efficiently and safety between sites or to nearby airports for mobilization and demobilization.


We have a range of trucks to support various workloads. Our trucks allow us to transport sea containers between sites, relocate full lengths of steel and cable tray, transport utes from and to Perth and transport our excavator.We also have smaller trucks that help assist crews of workers during projects.


Tasman Power has an efficient excavator run by experienced operators that is perfect for any small to medium trenching job.

Vibration Rammers

We have a diesel vibration rammer to ensure soil after trenching is properly compacted to mine specification.

Tool Trailer

To ensure we can mobilize to new sites with all the required gear for small projects and shut downs, we have a well-equipped trailer to assist our working needs. The trailer is equipped with a generator to allow for remote site works.


We have small and large generators and can provide power in remote areas for either work or support services.